Finally getting my WordPress Blog set up…..after 3 years!

The old saying goes”It’s better late than never” and I suppose this applies to me!  I set up an account with WordPress 3 years ago with the intentions of blogging about my experiences of starting a new music ministry and just never got to blogging.  I have done some blogging on my website but failed to take it a step further.  Being that time just keeps moving along and waits for no one I finally decided to stop sitting on my hands and get to it!  Once again!

The thing that held me back was life and all of the other commitments I have.  I guess this is just a non-stop world we live in.  Seems that there is always something to do and not enough time to do it!  Am I right or what?  Besides that I’ve had some major ups and downs in the course of these three years since I released my debut CD.  Some I will probably share with you.  Although this blog is not intending to be all about that.  I really hope to share some of my journey as I walk along this path of life as a student to what the Lord is teaching me.  The struggles, victories and all the gunk in between.   Did I mention I am not an English Major so I’m sure I’ll drive all of you grammar wizards crazy.  If you don’t mind the occasional run on sentence or whatever then stick around.  You may learn to enjoy my rambling….it may be how you blog.  We’d have something in common.

So that’s my introduction for now. I hope you’ll follow along as I develop and manage to organize life to stop and share with those that care to listen.

The Forever Student

Melissa Jo Elliott

2 thoughts on “Finally getting my WordPress Blog set up…..after 3 years!

  1. Thanks Beth…only two posts so far. I’ll keep working on building up this blog.

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