Have You Ever Been In Awe Because Of God’s Love For You?

Have you ever been in awe because of God’s love for you?  I have!  It’s amazing that He loves us despite all the times we let Him down and have been so un-like His son Jesus.  I wrote a song about it and thought I would share the lyrics and the video clip.  I hope you enjoy it. 

Verse 1
Looking at the pieces shattered all around
The house so quiet, can’t hear a sound
Just my tears, as they fall

Verse 2
Fragments they’re like memories, made of broken glass
There to remind me, of a broken past which was my life
So long ago

I wanna know why He, loves me like He does
I wanna know why He, cares for me
I wanna know why He, showers me with His love
I wanna know, I wanna know

Verse 3
He took this broken vessel and my tattered past
Put me back together and made a looking-glass
So I could see, Oh He’s so strong yeah yeah yeah

Verse 4
And for His love and mercy, I will bless His name
He is God almighty, worthy to be praised so I will praise
I will praise Him

Chorus Repeat

Your worthy of glory
Your worthy of praise
Worthy of honor may your name be raised
You came along and you healed my life
You took all my darkness and gave me your life
And I wanna know..

2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been In Awe Because Of God’s Love For You?

  1. I love this post and the music is beautiful – So inspirational. May God bless your life and your music ministry. Praise God for His love – It is marvelous and a wonder to my soul. Thank you for stopping by My Journal of Praise.

  2. Thank you so much! I agree it is a wonder as to why God loves us like He does! Flaws and all! Yet, He chooses to use us and fellowship with us! So thankful for a merciful God!

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