God Is Amazing!

I experienced this today! God can do surprising things If we just obey! I was scheduled to sing for both morning services today. The thing is I am sick with a cold! The kind of cold where you’re nose is dripping like a faucet one minute and clogged up the next!

It was a pretty special day at church as we were partaking of the Lords Supper. Trusting the Lord to make the best of the situation, I went ahead with my commitment. God was faithful and the singing went off without a hitch! People said I didn’t sound sick! God is good! I am currently riding the couch with a box of Kleenex! God gave me what I needed to get the job done, now time for some rest! God will surprise you if you just obey!


My Tropical Home

A good day to you!

Finally, the dark clouds are lifting.

Everyone is getting better (I hope and pray).

Might be heading out for some beach time soon.

But first, something to encourage us all…

With God nothing is impossible!

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