2013 What Do You Want of Me?

It’s that time of year again! Seems like it was just 2012, doesn’t it? I remember our family toasting in the new year with our Grape Seltzer just like it was yesterday. Could it have really been a year ago? Besides my husband, most people I know seem to find that time is just going faster and faster, like an out of control energizer bunny with a gazillion batteries.

As fast as the year went by, much has happened during 2012. It’s been a mixed bag of triumphs and trials for me and my family. I suppose I can expect the same for 2013. I’ve had some time to reflect on the coming year. I’ve asked myself what I want to achieve, then decided to ask, “What does God want me to do in 2013?” So these are some positive aspirations for 2013. I’ve never really been one to make resolutions at the start of a new year. 1408768_71896761Something about the word “resolution” just doesn’t jive well with me. It’s too final, absolute and determined. It’s like saying I am the one who controls all that happens and by my sheer act of willpower I will direct my life in the way it must absolutely go. From my experience life just happens and things change, desires change or evolve and things that I place an importance on shift as my priorities are realigned. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s okay to have a shift in my priorities as long as it’s the minor things in life that are affected. I strongly believe that my relationship with God the Father, Jesus our Lord and the Holy Spirit is the pinnacle of all things important in life, as well as all people to people relationships, be it spouse, children, in-laws, neighbors and strangers. So here is my list of aspirations for 2013. By the way these are not in any particular order of relevance.

    • Study God’s Word – I read it regularly, but I want to study it deeper than I have been. Maybe get a chronological bible with great reference materials.
    • Write More – Challenge myself to do more with my blog…how can I become a better writer? Be more consistent in posting and with writing disciplines.
    • Turn Lemons Into Lemonade – Take the bad stuff or disappointments and make something useful or helpful out of them. What can I teach, tell, or take to someone else that I’ve learned.
    • Relish The Victories – really savor the moments that are great. The time things are going well and live in that moment.. Not in the past or in the future, but the present.
    • Be Available – Be there to serve in the ways that God leads me, whatever that may be.
    • Love Without Reservation – Express love to friends and family without holding back. Let people know how much they mean to me.
    • Live Without Regrets – Let it all go…any mistakes or things that I wish I could’ve done differently needs to be packed up and shipped off. Life is just to short.
    • Remember My Home – this is not my true home, Heaven is.

Happy New Year!

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