Through the Window

This isn't actually my window.

This isn’t actually my window.

Today’s writing prompt of “What Do You See When You Look Through Your Window” beckoned me to finally write another post.

At first glance as I look through my window I see all the usual things, after all the homes behind me and the foliage in my backyard hasn’t changed recently. But had I really looked through my window? I mean, have I looked with the eyes of someone who has never seen what lies on the other side? With the eyes of a child?

Upon further inspection, and with a fresh attitude, I notice an older gentleman out for a leisurely walk. He is wearing a red shirt with a worn out cap atop his head. Why does he wear a cap in this warm weather? It doesn’t have a brim to protect his face from the sun. Maybe he’s protecting the top of his head because he’s lost his hair. Not an uncommon consequence for an older gentleman. My guess is he’s retired, and enjoying himself after many years of hard work. I wonder where he lived and worked when he was a young man? I wonder what is his story? We all have one.

Closer in to my window, I see the leaves of the trees gently swaying. So peaceful like the motion of rocking a baby to sleep. The trees stand tall and mighty yet they are so non intrusive and inviting. It makes me want to set up a hammock or better yet a backyard swing. In my favorite tree I notice a couple of birds flitting about. Their dark grey tail feathers and light grey underbelly moving to and fro. I wonder what they are saying to each-other. Suddenly they both fly off together, as if they were of one mind. Must be two birds courting.The bird house I place in the tree looks lonely as it rocks from side to side remaining vacant.

On down deeper in the yard I see flowers of red and yellow pointing up towards the sun drinking in all the suns rays. They are waiting for the next party of Hummingbirds to come and drink their nectar. Behind them are beautiful shrubs. These were planted by our neighbors. I suppose for a privacy screen since we can look down into their house. They’ve really grown a good foot or so. I’m glad they are there as I like prefer seeing beautiful shrubs over a rickety old fence.

Today is a beautiful day and the sky is clear blue with soft watercolor white clouds. A faint sparkle catches my eye as see the lake in the far distance. The sun reflecting off of it looks like a diamond to my eyes. I will probably hear jet skies and speed boats later today.

Through my window I see a lot of things, but mostly I see life. Life of man, animals and nature. These are all gifts that the Giver of Life has given us. They are a glimpse of God the Father and Jesus the Son. Somehow as I look through the window I feel hope. Hope that comes despite any struggles I may be going through or may go through in the future. There’s hope that things can get better. After all, haven’t we all seen storms through our window panes, storms that have taken the leaves off the trees way before it was time. Storms that have sent birds into hiding, while ceasing their songs. Storms that have darkened the sky so much so that you’ve wondered where the sun’s gone and if it will ever shine again. Storms that have replaced the gentle lulling of the trees with thrashing branches and a disharmonious cacophony of sound.

What do you see through your window? You can be sure what you see will change, because life changes! Things don’t stay the same forever. Not only does life change, but you change and what YOU SEE changes. I hope you always see Gods blessings through your window, but if you’re in a storm right now be patient the sun will shine again..

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