One of “Those” Days

1359070_50963923It’s one of “those” days. I’m sure, you know what I mean when I say one of “those” days! I can list a bunch of reasons why I’ve decided to call today one of “those” days. For one, I finished my taxes today. You’re probably saying that sums it up. I’m not reading the rest. Stay with me here. Like you are probably experiencing, it seems each year our families’ wallet is getting squeezed more and more. It’s also rainy and overcast today, not to mention cold.  Oh yes, another big thing to complain about is I’m not feeling great today, I’m kinda dizzy and off kilter (did you read “An Epic of Dizziness?”) It’s official! It really is one of “those” days! So, what can I do to turn this day around? It’s not like I can change all the figures on my income tax forms and have them owe me $50,000, can I? I think we’d get audited don’t you? It’s not like I can make the barometric pressure go up and remove the water from the clouds as well, can I? Of course not!  What to do?

Shopping is a “great” day activity. So is eating! Especially cakes, cookies and chocolates! Yummy! I’m getting that mouth-watering sensation already! Unfortunately, it’s too late to shop and there really isn’t anything I need. It’s too close to dinner time and there isn’t anything sweet around. Unless I eat sugar straight from the bag! No thanks! Although It seems I’ve forgotten what can turn this day around and make a “great” day, I really haven’t. It’s just that I’ve chosen not to apply what I know to remedy my dilemma  It really is an easy fix and it works like a charm every time  That is, if I don’t let myself bask in self-pity all day long. The remedy for the day is a big round spoonful of… gratitude! You have this in your medicine cabinet, too. If you’re having one of “those” days pull out that silver spoon and insert it in your mouth and your day will instantly get better! So instead of bemoaning tax time, I’ll remember to be grateful that I live in America. A wealthy country, despite our economy. I have all that I need. I really do! Instead of grumbling about the weather, I’ll remember that I live in Florida! How many people would love to live here! We have many great weather days. And finally, instead of being discouraged about feeling off kilter today, I can be thankful that I have lots of really good and pretty great days where it isn’t much of an issue. I feel so much better now! I just needed to remember gratitude and thankfulness to God for all these good things that I have come from Him.

James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

I hope you feel better too, especially if you’re having one of “those”days.

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