My 20 Wishes aka Bucket List

After reading My Tropical Homes twenty wishes blog, I decided to join in the fun. So I started thinking about what my bucket list would include. What do I want to do or achieve before I die? Being that I know what God has waiting for me in Heaven far surpass anything I can enjoy here on earth, I still find it inspiring to think about. So here they are in random order of importance:

  1. Revisit Chicago (my childhood home)- stay in a luxury suite located downtown. Eat 233351_9835at a hot dog stand. Visit the museums, Navy Pier, Willis Tower and my old neighborhood. Have stuffed crust deep dish pizza for dinner and ride the El.
  2. Enjoy Sunset with a picnic on the beach in Hawaii
  3. New York- Coffee on the set with the Today show, then off to all the other great things New York has to offer. Fine dining and theater included.
  4. Drive down A1A in a sporty convertible with the top down, my hair blowing in the wind, destination Elizabeth Pointe Bed and Breakfast at Amelia Island.
  5. Scotland, oh Scotland –Sleep in a castle, hike the Highlands, get fitted for my Clan’s kilt, see the Celtic Women sing and ferry over to Ireland and browse for books.854143_11736469
  6. Bavaria Germany, picnic in a field of flowers.Lake in Evening Light
  7. Revisit Sanibel / Captiva Island Florida for great shelling!
  8. See some of the West Coast of America
  9. View the aurora borealis– Northern Lights
  10. Go to the Holy Land- retrace the footsteps of Christ and float in the Dead Sea.
  11. Greece- Oia Santorini, dancing till dawn.575601_25687026
  12. Paris- lunch at a street side cafe then tour The Louvre
  13. Learn to dance really good! Dancing With The Stars.
  14. Sing, sing sing, wherever and whenever I can. I already do this, but I hope I don’t have to stop. 🙂
  15. Encourage others- make a difference in someone’s life.
  16. Be a witness to others of God’s power and bring Him glory.
  17. Live to see Grandchildren and witness their salvation.
  18. To continue writing, be it blog, journal or book (?)
  19. Be cast in a Christian movie- that would be a blast!
  20. Face death with no regrets in my heart.

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