God the Great Recycler


Have you ever been to a yard sale and it seemed like everything being sold was junk? As you turn to leave, you wonder “Who would want any of this trash? As you’re walking away, you hear someone saying they’ve found the perfect picture frame. Turning to see, you notice an old, beat-up wooden frame.The person holding the poor looking thing is so excited that they’re beaming from ear to ear.

Credited to Margret Ralev at stockxching. Thanks!

“I know exactly where I’m gonna put this, it’ll take time, but I can make it something more beautiful than it was originally,” they exclaim! You cringe at the thought of even hanging that frame on your wall! “Must be an artist,” you say to yourself as you continue to leave.”No one except an artist or really crafty type would see any potential in that old frame, why bother restoring it anyway? I can just buy a new one!”

God’s an artist and a very creative one! Everything we see came from His imagination; the beauty of a sunset, splendor of the mountains, power of the oceans, and tranquility of green grass, all imagined before they were formed by God. Anything and everything beautiful are from the creative expression of God himself. God’s also a restorer. He sees where we need fixing and is willing to transform us into something new if we’ll let him1232103_18554289. He re-purposes our sin-filled lives, creating a new life with a new purpose of bringing Him glory. With God’s creative touch, we become a masterpiece that He hangs with great joy on His wall of art. All that are broken and in need of a new purpose can have hope. With God, all things are possible. You don’t have to fear that you’ll be tossed into a dumpster, because God wants you! He sees your potential and desires to use you. You may have started out as an old picture frame, but when God is finished with His restorative work, who knows what you’ll be! You’ll never be discarded or put in a junk pile, if you surrender to the transforming work that God wants to do in your life. It may hurt as you’re scrubbed clean and put back together,but just hang on! Once the Creator is done with you, He’ll smile and say “It is good.”God The Great Recycler

Here’s a moving testimony I stumbled upon. It testifies to God’s transforming work in this young women’s life.

A reposted and recycled blog post.

2 thoughts on “God the Great Recycler

  1. I truly liked this post mainly because it reminds me of me. One of my hobbies is wood refinishing, usually any furniture I can find (even on the side of the road)

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