New Website Need Feedback Please

credited to Svilen Milev at stockxchngI wanted to share my joy with my fellow bloggers and with the followers of my blog. I realize that not everyone reads all of my blog posts and may not know much about me other that some of what I’ve written. If you haven’t read my about me page then I’ll just explain why I’m asking for feedback on a website of mine. I happen to be Christian singer and am actively engaged in music, as a soloist and in choir at my church. I also sing “out” different events from time to time. I have revamped my “official” music website.I really need to hear some feedback and would love for those of you that are willing to head over to my new revamped site, take a look and provide me with some feedback about design, ease of navigation etc. You can leave feedback on the site directly or you can post a comment on this blog. If you want to share comments about the music that’s great, I’d love to hear what you think. I’ll be posting more posts to this blog soon. I appreciate your help.


2 thoughts on “New Website Need Feedback Please

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