What’s It All About?


Have you ever found yourself wondering what life is all about? All the work that becomes repetitious, the chores, errands and responsibilities that continue day in and day out can sometimes make us feel like it’s pointless to even try to get caught up! I think it’s safe to say we’ve all felt like this from time to time. How could you not? When you’re changing a diaper that marks your 500th, I’d wager you’re not feeling excitement. Or when you’re making the bed for the two thousandth time, it’s not really an event your likely to remember as special is it? I hate to admit it, but when we feel like this it’s really because we’re being selfish. Selfish in how we view our time. We feel our time is being wasted on a menial task. We get bored with the mundane day to day activities and long for something greater to fill our days. We have a desire to experience and be involved in something that will make a difference, something to be remembered for. The problem with all of these desires and feelings is we’re focused on ourselves. We need to refocus on the bigger scheme of things. Like Christ and what He wants us to do. What is Jesus asking you to do today? Maybe, just maybe changing diapers and making beds is what he’s asking you to do? How radical! When we take care of others needs we become his hands and feet to those that are needing help, help with things they can’t do on their own. When we serve our families needs we become Jesus to them. And Jesus didn’t grumble and complain! Even while facing death on the cross. Ouch! That hurt a bit as I typed it. If you or I had ever had a privilege taken away from us, such as the ability to make our beds or cook our food, we would joyously do these things again. So many people can’t take care of menial tasks without help. The thing is, life isn’t about all our wants and our needs. Life is about Christ. I think this scripture says it all:


“Everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him.” Colossians 1:16b


4 thoughts on “What’s It All About?

  1. Hello Melissa, just a short note to let you know my progress down here in South Africa. After several months of trying to resolve the BPPV I finally arrived at the last option of surgery. The lateral canal in my left ear has been blocked and now there are no signals going to the brain when I move my head. I’m actually back to square zero. Just the recovery from a 3 hour operation took quite a while. This is going to require long and intensive rehabilitation that I’ve started with my audiologist who specialises in this. it’s not easy and despondency is becoming the biggest enemy. Having just celebrated the Jewish New Year and starting summer here I’m looking forward to the new year and warm bright days bringing a big improvement – this is on-going since May 2012 and requires a lot of energy and belief in a full recovery

  2. Norman,

    So glad to hear from you again! Thanks for updating on your surgery. Three hours is quite long for that procedure. Do you have to learn to balance again because of the canal being blocked off? I’m certain you will be fully recovered in time my friend. You are going through adjustment right now. One day you will realize that you feel better more and more. I hope it is a fast process for you. Sometimes progress towards healing is slow at first, but then happens fast. Take care to stay positive. I will lift you up in prayer Norman. God bless 🙂

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