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I so enjoyed this blog post from Spirit Ministries that I wanted to share it with you my readers. Enjoy!

S.P.I.R.I.T Ministries

A friend of mine sent me this devotion the other day while I was at work. I thought to myself, God knows exactly what we need before we do. It was hot, my spirit was yearning for a drink of water. Just as I sat down to take a ten minute break, my phone began to go off. I jumped up, grabbed the phone which revealed this message to me.

“While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” Jesus in John 9:5. Jesus Christ was the Truth which illuminated the darkness of the misunderstanding of the world. As the disciples lived with Jesus, the light of the world cast His brightness and dispelled the doubts and fears and confusion of their minds. The light of Jesus’ love infused their emotions. His light brought brightness to their relationships with others. As long as the apostles…

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Are You Feeling Unlucky? Consider This

834640_88057651Are you feeling unlucky? I touched on the topic of luck and its role in the life of a believer in my post “Good Luck, No God Bless.” As I wrote that post I reflected on what lucky means for Christians. I’d written that post before I’d started reading a wonderful book that really got me thinking deeper about luck and how we view those that are considered lucky in our society. Given the trials I’ve endured over the past two years, some people would probably say that I’m unlucky. Heck, if I were on the outside looking in at my own life I’d most likely surmise that I’d been unlucky as well. It easy to feel that way, when you get one blow after another you can come to the conclusion that you’re gonna be knocked out of the fight. Not a lucky feeling. Not only that, you may feel like the last person or the most unlikely person that God would ever use. But we of the faith need to redefine what luck really is, in light of eternity. Even as I type this, I’m well aware that it’s easy for me to say this because I’m enjoying my life. I’ve had a lot of trials true and I still have some residing issues, but I’m able to do all I want. I have a very good life. If the residual vertigo problems I have continue, even throughout the rest of my life, I am fortunate as compared to some. Fortunate in this lifetime. So what makes someone unlucky? Am I unlucky?1013752_95503215 If I were confined to a wheelchair it would be much harder than to simply deal with feeling bad on occasion. So am I luckier than someone with greater limitations? Maybe in this life I am, but our luck is found in what’s to come and the comfort that has already come. The comfort of Christ living in us, is a reminder of that which will be, when the kingdom of God will rule on the earth in its fullness. Even if our lives are not what we had anticipated, we that have put our hope in Jesus are lucky. For it’s we who will inherit eternal life and that far surpasses any temporary earthly pleasures this life can offer. We also have comfort that comes from God. Those that feel lucky in this life are the ones that are really unlucky, because they haven’t felt their need of a Savior. Therefore they do not have what Christ has given us. They only have their self sufficiency.1176741_68006109.Revelation 3:17 You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. The people who feel self-sufficient and not in need are the unlucky ones. Radical huh? The book I’m reading challenged me to think differently about those that are considered lucky and unlucky in our society.

“Lucky: How the Kingdom Comes To Unlikely People” by Glenn Packiam. Highly recommended. As a side note Mr. Packiam is the writer of a well-known praise and worship song titled “Your Name”.

Here’s an excerpt from his book.

Victory has started to unfold. Comfort is coming. Indeed it has come. Imagine that a man takes you to a junkyard covered with rusted metal and decomposing parts, littered with paper bags and used up cups. Imagine that he tells you that this very ground will be a beautiful garden. “No way,” you say. “This place is covered with trash and refuse. This is a junkyard, not a garden.” “True,” the man says. “it is a junkyard now. But I just bought it and will make it a garden. In fact, I’ve already started my work.”

“What?” you say. “It looks the same as it did last week. How is anything different?” The many gently replies, “I have already planted some flowers.” “Where>” you ask. “I don’t see anything.” But its work is beneath the soil. Suddenly he points to a green shoot breaking through the earth. “Look! There it is. I planted that recently. There is a small sign of what is coming.”

Grace: God’s Gift


For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast. Eph 2:8-9

  • G – God’s 
  • R- Riches
  • A- At
  • C- Christ’s 
  • E- Expense

Our loving Father has shown us his grace by pardoning us from the punishment we deserve. It’s by God’s grace that we are saved, for we didn’t deserve to be, yet He so graciously sent Jesus to die for us, allowing Christ to be a substitution for us. If God is so gracious we need to remember to show grace to others, and in this way we will be more like our Heavenly Father and that pleases Him greatly. Not to mention that when we walk in grace we will have a big impact on the world for Christ. It’s a harder walk, but with the Holy Spirit as our guide we can be beacons of grace and a light  to a world that needs to see God in us.

How To Be Free From Sin’s Grasp

credited to Ramiz Hashisho stock.xchng

“If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:31-32

What type of freedom is this scripture from the book of John alluding to?  What is this passage telling me? I decided to dig deeper today and do a study on this passage.The  word continue will be my starting point. Continue in its original Greek form is meno.

  1. to remain, abide
    1. in reference to place
      1. to sojourn, tarry
      2. not to depart 1a
    2. to continue to be present 1a
    3. to be held, kept, continually *
    4. in reference to time
      1. to continue to be, not to perish, to last, endure 1b
    5. of persons, to survive, live
    6. in reference to state or condition
      1. to remain as one, not to become another or different
  2. to wait for, await one

* I especially like that remaining is to be held or kept continually.

On to the next interesting word. How about truth. What does it mean here in the original Greek form? The word truth in this passage is translated as aletheia.

  1. objectively
    1. what is true in any matter under consideration
      1. truly, in truth, according to truth
      2. of a truth, in reality, in fact, certainly
    2. what is true in things appertaining to God and the duties of man, moral and religious truth
      1. in the greatest latitude
      2. the true notions of God which are open to human reason without his supernatural intervention
    3. the truth as taught in the Christian religion, respecting God and the execution of his purposes through Christ, and respecting the duties of man, opposing alike to the superstitions of the Gentiles and the inventions of the Jews, and the corrupt opinions and precepts of false teachers even among Christians
  1. subjectively
    1. truth as a personal excellence
      1. that candour of mind which is free from affection, pretence, simulation, falsehood, deceit

On to the next important word free. The word free translated is eleutheroo.

1. to make free .

2. set at liberty; from the dominion of sin.

I see that the word free means set at liberty from the dominion of sin. Let’s look further into the word dominion. What does the word dominion mean? From Webster’s online dictionary.

1: domain

2: supreme authority: sovereignty

3 plural: an order of angels- see celestial hierarchy
often capitalized : a self-governing nation of the Commonwealth of Nations other than the United Kingdom that acknowledges the British monarch as chief of state
5 absolute ownership
What a scary thought. That sin could have absolute ownership of us!
So here’s my take on this verse:
If I continue (meno) in God’s word by keeping it in my heart, abiding in it daily and not departing from it and allowing it to transform me into Christ’s image, I am His disciple. I will then know the truth (aletheia). My knowing the truth (aletheia) in things pertaining to God will result in my freedom (eleutheroo) from the dominion of sin. My knowledge of things pertaining to God will give me victory over the bondage of sin.credited to Anton Belovodchenko at
One thing I must point out here is the work of the Holy Spirit. Upon conversion, when a person accepts Christ as their Lord and Savior the Holy Spirit then indwells them. By God’s grace He gives us the Holy Spirit to teach us all things pertaining to Himself. We could never understand scripture if it weren’t for the gift of the Holy Spirit. So it’s through the Holy Spirit that we can continue and abide in God’s word and therefore know the truth, which in turn releases us from the bondage of sin. It’s all because of God’s grace.

Clearing The Way To Know God’s Will

1341750_91353374Being in God’s will is a very popular topic of study for a lot of Christians. We all want to be where God wants us to be don’t we? I know  I wrestled with the will issue a lot as a new Christian. I remember struggling internally over different situations, not knowing which course to choose, fearful that I would somehow miss God’s will. Part of my problem was, I’d made so many wrong choices when I was living apart from God, that I felt unsure of myself.  Myself is the key word here.  I was depending more  on myself than on God to lead me. I had to learn to trust that God would guide me and that I didn’t need to depend on myself, to choose the right course of action. Nowadays when I’m praying about a situation or decision, I’ve come to know that God will indeed guide me. The main thing I need to do is, not jump back into the seat of authority. I hope these guide lines help you to hear God more clearly.

  1. Pray that you can discern what the Holy Spirit is telling you..
  2. Ask for God to reveal anything within your spirit that may lead you astray. (Example: sin, selfish gain or greed)
  3. Check to see if the situation is addressed in scripture.
  4. Test the answer against God’s word. It shouldn’t contradict.
  5. Seek out godly advice. Is the person you’re going to for advice consistently following and living a life for Christ?
  6. Ask for prayer
  7.  Make sure you are at peace. You may feel slightly nervous if God is asking you to step into something different, but peace will over-ride any nervousness you may have.

Sometimes it takes a while before you get an answer. The best thing to do it that situation is wait. 

A great bible study that I highly recommend is Experiencing God, Knowing and Doing the Will of God, by Henry Blackaby.


You’re A New Creation

45728_1567301020443_7980340_nI love butterflies, mostly because of what they represent, which to me is freedom, gentleness, beauty and renewal. Their unique coloring and markings always seem to capture my attention when I see one flurrying by. Butterflies have such humble beginnings as a caterpillar that most wouldn’t consider them a creature of beauty or elegance in their original state. However, it’s their humble beginnings that fascinates me. The fact that they start out so different, but are destined to change from an unattractive creature that crawls to get around, to one of beauty with the ability to fly is magical! I always think of transformation when I see butterflies. And when I think of transformation, I also think of God and what He’s done and continues to do in my own personal life as His child. God does a transforming work in all of His children’s lives, not just mine. Doesn’t that make you excited? Who doesn’t want to be a more beautiful person? The truth is none of us are very attractive as sinners at the foot of the cross, yet God sees what we can be. He sees the beautiful changes that he can make and  once we’ve truly submitted to Him as Lord, we begin to change- and change for the better. We come to the Lord bound in our own chrysalis of sin and He gives freedom and forgiveness. The work in which God does to transform us sometimes seems to be a mystery. We can’t see what He’s doing or even understand at times, but little by little change happens. We become more beautiful inwardly, which is then is expressed outwardly to others in kindness and love. So “spread those wings and fly,” as the saying goes! You are a new creation! Doesn’t it feel great!


“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; behold all things have become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Is Jesus the Lord of Your Life?

You may think, “Well, of course Jesus is the Lord of my life”. I’ve accepted Him as my Savior, so doesn’t that just go along with it? Since you’ve repented from your sins, believing that He died in your place and that He was resurrected on the third day, you’re good to go. The question that remains is: “Is He the Lord of your life”? It is interesting what John McArthur has to say on the subject. If you stop to really think of it, and if you’re honest with yourself. How many times have you sat on your own throne, refusing to relinquish all rights to God? You think you know what’s best for YOUR life! How many times have you refused to turn over the steering wheel and let Him take control? I know I’ve been guilty of holding on too tight to the things or plans that I have in mind for myself. It’s hard to submit to His Lordship, but it’s the right thing to do and the best thing to do. Afterall, He is the Lord, whether we acknowledge it in our lives or not. What is God asking of you today? Have you said yes? I along with you am asking myself these very questions.

An Epic of Dizziness (Part 3)

Journal entry  from July 27, 2011:

 I’m feeling a little better tonight. I’m more alert and present.  My focus and cognitive functioning seems better.  It’s almost like a cloud has lifted and the brain fog I was feeling is gone. I didn’t feel any movement when laying down to go to sleep last night, which was great.  Reading and using the computer is easier too.  I hate having to sleep on the couch, but for some reason I feel much more secure there.  I can prop my head up on the big  pillows and tuck myself into the corner.  I’m much less likely to roll over or fall off the couch this way.  Our bed seems so high up.  What if I fell off at night?  As much as I dislike sleeping on the couch, for now it will have to do.   

My appointment with the physical therapist was moved up by a week due to my persistent calling.  A one week wait didn’t seem so bad. It’s certainly better than two weeks!  Since I was feeling a bit better, I used some of my time to research the different causes of dizziness.  I found a great website with a forum called  What I read on the site comforted me, yet terrified me at the same time.  I watched a video posted on the site about a girl and she shared her personal ordeal with Labyrinthitis, or Labs, as it is called for short. I sat and wept while watching it.  As bad as I felt, my experience seemed to pale in comparison to hers. I cried tears not only for her, but for myself as I wondered what I might possibly face in the future. Would my symptoms get worse?  I was learning a lot reading the message boards and saw that there were many things that could cause dizziness.  All the symptoms were like pieces of a puzzle that I was trying to solve.  I was playing doctor, yet I was the patient.  As I read the stories of others suffering from dizziness and correlating symptoms, I thought of the statement, “God will never give you more than you can bear”.  I struggled with that thought, I still believed it, yet a sliver of doubt began to taunt my mind. I thought of Jesus as He bore death on the cross and the agony He endured.  If you’ve ever.seen the movie “The Passion of The Christ,” you know what sort of torture Christ went through to redeem us.  I thought of people who had suffered some really bad  and unexplainable things- things that don’t seem fair or right. A scripture (2 Corinthians 12:9) comforted me: “My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me”.  I asked myself  “What is God asking me to bear”? “What is the purpose of this “? I knew that this was testing my level of trust in God and also my faith in who He says He is, and all that He promises to those that are believers in His word. I’d either trust Him or I wouldn’t; this is where the rubber was meeting the road.

The next few days were a mixture of good and bad.  There were times I felt like I was being pulled towards my right side, as if a weight or magnet were pulling me over.  I never fell, nor was it noticeable to others, yet I felt it internally. Sometimes when I would be on the computer the computer and desk would be moving forward and backwards and my eyes would hardly be able to focus.  I’d have to turn it off.  I went walking quite often not only for exercise, but to keep my spirits up, most of the time it felt like I was swaying when I walked, yet I had a normal gait to anyone that would have observed me. If I stood still and closed my eyes I would feel a backwards pull.  I didn’t do that very often!  I’d also noticed something new, a feeling of fullness mostly in my right ear and occasionally in my left. It felt plugged up.  This feeling would come and go.

I didn’t really go many places for a few days, I was almost becoming housebound.  The fear of what would happen out in public stayed in my mind.  I’d read about so many horror stories that I didn’t know what to think at this time.  I did decide I wanted to go to church.  I wasn’t going to let fear and the devil keep me from going; besides, I really needed to hear God’s word.  His promises became something I clung to even more so than ever before.  Unfortunately, my experience at church wasn’t good.  Everything felt different.  It was like a strange place to me, a place I’d never been or one that had morphed into something different. My perception of my surroundings were so changed the sights,sounds, lighting, everything that usually brought such happiness, joy and peace were making me very uncomfortable.  Of course, it wasn’t my church that made me feel this way, it was the BPPV or whatever I had that caused me to feel this way!  I’m usually in choir, but I was certainly not ready  to be up in front of hundreds of people at this point.  Our family decided to sit near the back.  I needed to be by a door in case I had to make a quick exit.  What if I had a huge spinning attack and fell on the floor and vomited in front of the whole congregation?  How embarrassing would that be!  Our sanctuary is laid out like a lot of churches.  The floor slightly angles down to where the platform or alter is.  I could now feel that slight angle much more magnified.  I felt as if I were leaning forward, and as my eyes scanned across the assembly of people it was overwhelming to my senses.  Strangely, when we stood up to sing our praises to the Lord I felt somewhat better.  When it was time for our Pastor to preach I had a hard time focusing on him.  He looked blurry, it was like I needed glasses, and I felt mental fatigue and brain fog set in. My hands were clammy and I grasped the pew trying to hold myself together.  My anxiety level was at a 10!.  Having read the message boards on I learned that with dizzy disorders anxiety is one of the symptoms that often accompany those suffering with dizziness. Having made it through the service, my family and I slipped out the back door quickly so as not to have to talk to anyone.  People were praying for me, that I knew, but I just couldn’t talk to anyone at this time.  I  wanted to get home.  At least there I didn’t have such severe symptoms, and who doesn’t want to be home when your sick? There’s nothing like having your own bathroom for those types of emergencies. 

When I got home my anxiety level went from a 10 to a 6.  I wondered if I’d ever be able to get back to choir.  Singing is my passion and singing for the Lord is an absolute joy to me.  I wondered if I’d feel the peace and joy that I’d always felt at church before, instead of anxiety and sensory overload that I was experiencing.  I was pretty depressed the next day.  My life was like a seesaw.  You probably remember them being in neighborhood parks.  Basically a seesaw is a plank where each end would seat a child and you would take turns pushing off the ground to raise the other side up.  It was always so much fun!  You go up and down, up and down.  That’s how the each day and even each moment of each day was for me.  I was up when my symptoms weren’t too bad and down when they were.  Part of the problem was the pattern of this illness. Every time I’d been sick before healing would follow a general course. I’d  get sick and gradually the symptoms would reach a peak and then finally fade away.  Case closed!  I couldn’t understand why I’d feel better and have times of almost feeling normal for a few hours or a day only to feel completely different later.  Wrapping my mind around it was almost impossible.  

I went ahead and rescheduled my appointment with an Orthopedic Doctor in the meantime so that I could have my arm and shoulder checked.  I was having limited mobility. I could barely reach back past my hip and raising my arm to reach things on upper shelves wasn’t quite like it had been.  I had to stand on my tippy toes to get stuff and not because I’m short. So I waited for two different Doctors appointments.  Had I prayed for patience or perseverance?  Maybe they are the same? 

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Have You Ever Been In Awe Because Of God’s Love For You?

Have you ever been in awe because of God’s love for you?  I have!  It’s amazing that He loves us despite all the times we let Him down and have been so un-like His son Jesus.  I wrote a song about it and thought I would share the lyrics and the video clip.  I hope you enjoy it. 

Verse 1
Looking at the pieces shattered all around
The house so quiet, can’t hear a sound
Just my tears, as they fall

Verse 2
Fragments they’re like memories, made of broken glass
There to remind me, of a broken past which was my life
So long ago

I wanna know why He, loves me like He does
I wanna know why He, cares for me
I wanna know why He, showers me with His love
I wanna know, I wanna know

Verse 3
He took this broken vessel and my tattered past
Put me back together and made a looking-glass
So I could see, Oh He’s so strong yeah yeah yeah

Verse 4
And for His love and mercy, I will bless His name
He is God almighty, worthy to be praised so I will praise
I will praise Him

Chorus Repeat

Your worthy of glory
Your worthy of praise
Worthy of honor may your name be raised
You came along and you healed my life
You took all my darkness and gave me your life
And I wanna know..

Fear Friend Or Foe??

Fear ye Fear ye??  Fear is a complex emotion.  It is our friend , but mostly our enemy.  Fear has been experienced by humans throughout history.  Without getting into debate about when the origin of life started…well, I’ll just say I’m a Creationist.  I believe God created us, and we did not evolve, and that the beginning of history corresponds to the Bible. I will say that fear has probably evolved since life first started in the Garden of Eden.  That which we fear  has changed from the times of our “Hunter Gatherer” beginnings. Mostly what we humans feared were things like being attacked by a wild beast, such as a bear, wolf or probably another human.  We all know that murder isn’t something new as Cain murdered his brother Abel in Genesis. We as humans have always experienced what they call the “Fight or Flight” response to fear.  Basically this is when our nervous system tells us to get going and fast!  Danger is imminent. The experience of fear isn’t a new thing, but it has changed. Or I should say grown in types. Yes there is the original fear, If you’re in the woods and a big bear is chasing you, or someone points a gun at you. Your going to experience this “Fight or Flight” feeling.  That’s the healthy kind of fear we have.  It gives us  energy, helps us run, and protect ourselves.  I’m going to talk some about the unhealthy fear that we all have experienced from time to time.  For some it is a daily thing and they live with what is called a “Fee-Floating Fear“.  I really feel for people experiencing this as their bodies react as if under attack for unknown reasons. If  a person perceives something as threatening or dangerous their bodies go into this “Fight or Flight” response. I have experienced fear and anxiety before, although not the free-floating type. That is why I decided to blog this.  I’ve had to overcome fear & anxiety in regards to particular things in my own life.  I have had to deal with fear of performing, and for the most part God has delivered me from this a few years ago.  I’m sure you’ve heard people say or maybe have seen surveys that people fear public speaking more than death.  They are probably not exaggerating.  There are so many different phobias & fears now that they have several books about all of them…just check out Amazon. I just did out of curiosity.. There’s fear of spiders, dying, the dark, heights, being alone.  People are just filled with fear. This includes Christians and non-Christians alike. These fears really do limit you.  The physical reactions in your body can include, breathlessness, rapid heat rate, clammy palms – it goes on and on.

Jesus tells us many times in scripture, “Fear not for I am with thee“. God wants to release us from the bondage of fear. This is the unhealthy type of fear that holds you back from living the abundant life  you have in Christ. Scripture tells us, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). Fear keeps you confined or limited. God wants you to be free of these chains.  Living in fear is like living with chains and that is bondage.  Jesus says He wants us to be free of that yoke.  He tells us “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:30 (NLV). As Christians, Satan wants to keep us bound in fear.  He does that by telling us we’re not good enough, or that we don’t have the skills to do something, we can’t handle a situation.  He works by infiltrating our minds with negative thoughts.  Jesus calls the devil “The Father of Lies”(John 8:44). Satan is crafty and since God owns your soul, if you’ve accepted Him as Lord and Savior,  Satan will work to try to make you an ineffectual Christian. C.S. Lewis‘s book “The ScrewTape Letters” is a great read about how the devil works with his host of demons to plot against a Christian man.  I have read this book and have also read it in a lighter  comic book version  which was very enlightening.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had to overcome fear, especially when I first started out singing as a soloist at church.  Can you believe that I have had thoughts such as,”What will other people think about me? I’ll  make a fool of myself!  I’m not good enough!  I’ve never done a solo before so why start now! I’m too old for this… It goes on and on.  As I type it out now it sounds ridiculous.  Maybe I’m crazy to fess up to some of these private thoughts that I’ve had in the past, but I can’t help but think that just maybe someone out there in cyber space needs to know that they’re not the only ones dealing with these defeating, self-limiting thoughts that  come from feelings of fear and lies from the Devil himself.  Don’t get me wrong, you do have to know that God is calling you to do something.  We’ve all watched American Idol probably once or twice.  Clearly some people are under the illusion that they can sing. The Devil can set up illusions in our minds as well ,so this takes discernment and prayer. Pray for confirmation from the Lord and others in your church.  You don’t have to be the next best thing to sliced bread in the area that you need to step out into, but if God has truly called you to do it you should.  I say I’ve overcome these type of thoughts and fears, because God has done and continues to do a renewing work on my mind. Scripture tells us ” Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will” (Romans 12:12). Okay, I’ll admit this, I don’t want to sound contradictory, but sometimes those thoughts crop up again and I chalk it up to the fact that Satan still tries to play mind games with me. It doesn’t last long though, because I’ve been filled with Gods truth and this is what spiritual warfare is all about. It takes time for God to conform our minds and it’s only through His word and the Holy Spirit that it can happen.  We can’t do it ourselves.  Also, it’s a life long learning.  We are forever the student of the Lord. It will continue until we are with Him in Heaven.  Real victory started for me when I began to step out in “Faith” and kept doing it, consistently, little by little. Through those small acts of obedience God has proven that He was and is with me! I’ve learned to trust Him. Breaking through the walls of fear keeps my faith muscles activated.  God is pleased and He is Faithful to me! With whatever God is calling you to do, music related or not just realize this. You may not be the best, but you’re probably not the worst at whatever the task is. Besides God wants people to serve Him that don’t think they can do it all on their own. When we lean on His power, strength and help, God is glorified, and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, It was Him enabling us, because we in ourselves are weak.  Replace the self-defeating thought such as, I’m a nobody and an unknown with nothing to offer, with the empowering truth that you are a child of God!  You are a Son and I am Daughter of the King of Kings!  How great is that!  “Tell yourself, I’m not scared, nervous or anxious, but I’m excited!  I get to do this for the Lord”.  Every time you press through the wall of fear, God meets you on the other side. He just wants you to act in Faith and Trust Him with all your heart, soul and mind. Courage is not feeling fearless, it is acting despite fear! So I guess I’m a courageous girl.  I hope this encourages you to step out in whatever God is laying on your heart to do.  Take it one day at a time and God will make a way.  The song I recorded titled “I Know How To Fly” really spoke to me and that was why I wanted to title the CD with that title.  The lyrics made me think about how I’ve had things to overcome, times of doubt & fear, yet God was with me and helped me to rise above! He brought me through! Don’t let Satan rob you of the abundant life and your service to our Lord.  We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.  He gives victory and it’s already been won.  God never tells us that we won’t have scary or hard times, or even that life is fair, but He tells us we’re not alone.  I don’t know about you, but for me that’s pure comfort.