Weekly Photo Challenge “Wrong”

This weeks photo challenge is on “wrong”. Well this is my submission. This is clearly wrong! Why is the squirrel eating MY potato chip? Alright I’ll confess, I gave it to him. This was taken at Disney World. This was a brave squirrel and he wouldn’t leave us alone. Pretty entertaining!

Weekly Photo Challenge “movement”

  1. Movement can mean so many things This week’s photo challenge is on movement.  I decided to post this photo from my recent vacation. As a candid shot, you can see our physical movements in the photo, but as I look at it I think of the feelings of the moment.  The feelings of the heart. A special time that I shared with family and  the close bonds that aren’t easily broken. These are the times when your heart does a little dance of joy  when you see someone you love and it’s been a long time.  And to me that’s the best movement of all.  The movement of the heart towards another