How Do You Spell Sin? U-G-L-Y

1395377_33688986Last night our family attended a showing of “The Passion of The Christ.” You’ve probably seen it. The movie originally came out in 2004; that’s when I first saw it. Last night was my second viewing and my son’s (who’s 15) first. My husband and I were somewhat undecided about letting him see this graphic portrayal. We came to the conclusion that he was old enough. We warned him ahead of time that it’s a gory and disturbing movie. So we went to church and prepared to watch it. Once the flogging scene began, I started questioning our decision. Maybe this is too much for him? Knowing that my son doesn’t care for scary or bloody movies, I questioned myself as to if he’d be alright after watching this movie  Am I a bad mom? I should protect him from these types of things. What parent wants their child to see ugly, hideous things? Don’t we want them to only see that which is good and beautiful? After all, what we let our child take into their mind stays there, doesn’t it? After questioning myself a bit, I eventually let myself get back into the movie, keeping my tissues nearby. Finally Jesus spoke His final words, saying “It is accomplished.” I was relieved! I didn’t want him to suffer anymore. I felt uncomfortable with the beating and cruelty continuing on and on for what seemed like forever. The movie concluded and we got up to go. I had a headache from swollen sinuses, but still couldn’t wait to get in the car to talk about what we’d just witnessed. My husband and I started off the conversation bringing up all the different scenes and the symbolism portrayed. Our son joined in and said “I noticed the man that carried Jesus’s cross, how he said he was an innocent man carrying the cross for a guilty man. The guilty man represents us.” I was beaming inside  My son was indeed ready to see the movie  He understood the main point of the crucifixion and understood it in depth. It was good that he went. Very, very good.

The truth is, although I want to shield my son from the ugly stuff in the world, he needs to see it sometimes, so that he can fully appreciate the gift that Jesus gave us. Jesus not only subjected himself willingly to die on the cross, He was tortured beyond belief. He being made sin for us was cursed on the cross, so we wouldn’t have to experience it. Sin is ugly and so is human behavior a lot of times. Jesus showed us what true beauty is.

Weekly Photo Challenge “movement”

  1. Movement can mean so many things This week’s photo challenge is on movement.  I decided to post this photo from my recent vacation. As a candid shot, you can see our physical movements in the photo, but as I look at it I think of the feelings of the moment.  The feelings of the heart. A special time that I shared with family and  the close bonds that aren’t easily broken. These are the times when your heart does a little dance of joy  when you see someone you love and it’s been a long time.  And to me that’s the best movement of all.  The movement of the heart towards another


Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Love between a Mother & Daughter always remains. Hair grows grey & eyes may fail, but love remains.

God’s Faithfulness Revealed In His Creation


                                                                                    God’s love is shown through His faithfulness.  Just as the tide comes in and goes out steadily each day so is the faithfulness of our God.