Are You Suffering From Soul Sickness?

Prescription Bottle - blank labelJust got back from a doctor’s appointment. I never like going, but I know it’s necessary. Especially when I’m sick with an ailment that will need antibiotics to clear it up. I hate to take medication, but when it’s an infection I do what is necessary. Thankfully that wasn’t the reason for my most recent visit to the Doctor. It was just a routine exam. I thank God for doctors and nurses that help to keep me well. Yet there are only so many things that they can do.They treat the physical body, yet the soul can also be sick. Symptoms such as; emptiness, loneliness, loss of purpose and a cold heart are all indications of a broken relationship with God. You can’t be cured by taking the newest “happy” pills that the pharmaceutical companies put out or by going to the most knowledgeable doctor. To be cured from “soul sickness” you need to go to the Great Physician, God the Father, and ask His son Jesus into your heart, admitting that you’re a sinner. Confess it before others and live your life with God at the throne.  When you accept Christ as your Savior you will be filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit and this will give you relief from the emptiness you may feel. You are then a usable vessel of God himself as he fills you with His Spirit. This is what really satisfies. This is ultimate healing and wellness that you just can’t get from a pill or the best doctor in town.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3


What I Love About Being A Christian

accredited to svillenMileyThe world sometimes sees Christians as being confined to a set of rules and regulations and having a “must not” mentality. Those assumptions lead them to believe that we don’t get to have fun, when in reality we are more free and able to enjoy life than someone gripped in a sinful life style and burdened with guilt and a broken relationship with God. So, I decided to write a short post on all the things that I love about being a Christian. As far as not having fun, I have to laugh at that, because I’ve had more fun in the last 18 years than I’d had up until that time.

  1. An Open Relationship With God (Heb 10:19,20)
  2. God  Is My Father – Which makes me His child yippee! (1 John 3:1,2)
  3. Having A Big Family – I have lots of brothers & sisters in the household of God. And they are my friends.
  4. Eternal Life – Need I say more? (John 11:25,26)
  5. I’m Forgiven -Each day, His mercies are new. I have a fresh slate! Not that I freely dirty it up, but until I am made perfect, and in His likeness,  I will continue to slip up and sin. Hopefully less and less. (Lamentations 3:22-23)
  6. God’s power – His power sustains me. I don’t have to struggle through life alone.
  7. Spiritual Discernment – If I listen and am familiar with Gods voice, I can have divine guidance.
  8. I’m Never alone- God will never leave me as an orphan. What a comfort! (Hebrews 13:5)

So those are just a tip of the iceberg of things I love about being a Christian. Why are you a happy Christian? Let me know. I would love to hear from you! 1167121_53548347

Do You Know Which Road You’re On?

Where are you going?

Recently took a road trip and had to drive through Atlanta, Ga. If you’ve ever driven through Atlanta you know that it’s like a winding mass of multiple lanes. Roads exiting right and left and special roads for HOV, whatever that means? With all the traffic and distractions it could be easy to get off on the wrong road and find yourself lost. Sure you may only lose a few minutes of your pre-calculated arrival time at wherever your destination is, but we never want to do that, do we? Why waste precious time being lost and having to figure out how to get back on the right road? Life is a road and we’re all on it. Some of us drive fast and burn rubber like a hot rod car all souped up. Others of us are like economy cars and we’re cautious. We drive a little slower and stop along the way for a road break every now and again. I suppose it doesn’t matter what your vehicle of choice is, but it does matter which road your on. Since life is a journey and we’re all headed to the same destination, which is death. Take time to think about where your road will lead you when you finally pull up to that last point of the map, destination eternity. Will it lead you to eternal life with Jesus? Or will it lead you to separation from God and damnation in Hell? Yes, it’s a scary thought, but just because it’s scary doesn’t mean you need to avoid thinking about it. A traffic accident could happen at any time and then your procrastination will make it too late for you to decide. If you’re in a undecisive place, do yourself a favor and determine which road you will follow. Which path will you take? Then trust that God will keep you on it. Your part is to keep your focus on where your going. We are all wanderers on the earth and it’s not our home.

Love the old song “Wayfaring Stranger“.

I’m just a poor wayfaring stranger
I’m traveling through this world of woe
Yet there’s no sickness, toil nor danger
In that bright land to which I go
I’m going there to see my mother/father
I’m going there no more to roam
I’m only going over Jordan
I’m only going over home

I know dark clouds will gather ’round me
I know my way is rough and steep
Yet golden fields lie just before me
Where God’s redeemed shall ever sleep
I’m going there to see my father/mother
S/he said he’d/she’d meet me when I come
I’m only going over Jordan
I’m only going over home

I want to wear a crown of glory
When I get home to that good land
I want to shout salvation’s story
In concert with the blood-washed band

I’m going there to meet my Saviour
To sing his praise forever more
I’m just a going over Jordan
I’m just a going over home

Who will you meet when you go home?

Matthew 7;13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.