Your Life Story

theatereI love going to the theater. It’s magical seeing a story come to life. If the actors are exceptionally good I get lost in their story. Their performance becomes real to me and I’ll cry when they cry or laugh when they laugh. It seems there’s something special about a story.

We each have a story that we’re telling right now. People read our stories by watching us and we tell our stories to others by what we do and say. You may not like this chapter of your life, but once it’s written, it’s written. Don’t get me wrong I do believe we can change our stories, but it’s from the point we’re at. In other words, we can’t change what has happened in the past, but we can change much of the future. Even so some things remain beyond our control, but we can control how we react to the unforeseeable events that happen in our lives. Many people keep their trials to themselves. Maybe you’re one of those people. You may be struggling right now and feel alone yet there’s someone who knows your story from beginning to end and every page that’s lived in between. Matter of fact, he’s fascinated by your story and wants to be apart of it. God knows you very well. He knows why you do the things you do and why you say the things you say. He knows how you got the tiny scar on your chin, even if you’ve forgotten. God knows you intimately and he loves you despite the nasty parts of your story, when you weren’t so nice. God is your audience of one and is fascinated by you and your story even if others may find it boring, painful or sad. God is your audience and not only does He enjoy watching your life unfold he wants to participate in it. He wants to be involved in your life as you write out the remaining pages.Why not join with God and finish your story with Him as the leading man? The promise of Heaven and eternal life with God, well that’s an exciting story.